St. David’s High Kirk Dundee

History :

Our congregation became a “union” in March 2003 when The High Kirk and St. David’s North parish churches united as “St. David’s High Kirk Dundee”. We each have long histories – The High Kirk was established in 1877 on its present site on the south side of Dundee Law and is an established Dundee landmark. St. David’s North was built in 1929 to be part of a new housing development on the north slopes of Dundee Law and immediately alongside its sister parish of The High Kirk. Throughout these intervening years successive ministries established each church as a powerhouse in its own parish but today they have joined together as the church shrinks not only here in Dundee, but across Scotland. Each congregation has supported many organisations in its time to cater for the needs of its parish but now only at the High Kirk are there ‘traditional’ organisations. This union continues to worship using the two original church buildings through our desire to “be at the heart of the communities we serve” and was created in this way at the request of Presbytery.



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